JDSU MTS 8000 Fiber Characterization Kit with Viavi OBS-550 BBS E81DISPAP Combined long range CD, PMD and AP Module (1260-1640nm) 8126 OTDR Calibrated

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The JDSU MTS 8000 Fiber Characterization Kit with Viavi OBS-550 BBS E81DISPAP module offers comprehensive long-range CD, PMD, and AP testing from 1260-1640nm. Ideal for commissioning, network upgrades, and troubleshooting, this scalable multi-test OTDR platform ensures accurate fiber characterization and strain detection, making it perfect for high-speed transmission network testing

Condition: Used - Calibrated
Manufacturer: JDSU, Viavi
Warranty: 30 Days

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In order to characterize single-mode fibers the VIAVI MTS 8000 Fiber Characterization Kit with 81DISPAP along with 8126 module would be a perfect scalable multi-test fiber optic OTDR testing platform, especially for commissioning, network upgrades, and troubleshooting. For those thinking about long-term investments and ultra-high-speed transmission network testing, the T-BERD/MTS-8000 was created to satisfy their needs and it is truly the best fiber network test solution.


  • Fiber characterization with B-OTDR reveals fiber strain and elongation or temperature.
  • Ensure installations are done correctly without strain.
  • Reduce and reverse cable strain by locating and releasing it before it breaks the cable or reduces the cable life using the portable DTSS.


  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Telecommunications cable strain testing for manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Power cable monitoring
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

JDSU (VIAVI) E81DISPAP Combined long range CD, PMD and AP Module (1260-1640nm) 

The Viavi (JDSU) E81DISPAP is an Optical Dispersion Measurement (ODM) module for MTS/T-BERD-6000 and MTS/T-BERD-8000 optical test platforms. The E81DISPAP offers combined long-range CD, PMD and attenuation profile module (1260-1640nm).

Chromatic Dispersion:

  • Two-ended test using one fiber based on phase shift method
  • Full wavelength range characterization
  • Suitable for any fiber type
  • High dynamic range up to 55 dB

Polarization Mode Dispersion:

  • Based on the fixed analyser method using fast Fourier transform (FFT)
  • Established in the market
  • High dynamic range up to 65 dB

Attenuation Profile:

  • dB loss/km over the full wavelength range: 1260-1640 nm
  • Allows CWDM and DWDM transmission band characterization
  • Water peak (1383 nm area) characterization

Some of the cutting-edge features of the E81DISPAP include the following:

  • Test through non-bidirectional components, including erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and filters
  • Very fast acquisition time (from 40 to 80 seconds) with minimum 500 acquisition points
  • Accurate zero-wavelength characterization on G.652 fiber
  • One input port for any test configuration

OBS-550 Optical Broadband LED Source, 1460 to 1640 nm

  • Compatible with Viavi (JDSU) MRDISPAP and DISPAP modules for PMD, CD and AP Measurements
  • Covers the SCL bands (1460 – 1640nm)
  • Allows testing through in-line amplifiers/EDFAs
  • Features a high-dynamic mode to test non amplified links of up to 300km for PMD and 260km for CD (in combination with DISPAP module)


  • Viavi (JDSU) TB8000 T-BERD 8000 Tester mainframe with dual batteries
  • Viavi (JDSU) E81DISPAP; CD/PMD/Attenuation Profile Module
    • SC/PC Interface
    • Calibrated 15-NOV-2023 to 15-NOV-2024
  • Viavi (JDSU) 8126-SRE 1310/1550nm OTDR Module
    • SC/PC Interface
    • Calibrated 15-NOV-2023 to 15-NOV-2024
  • JDSU OBS-550 Optical Broadband LED Source, 1460 to 1640 nm, (With Bag, USB Cable, Charger, Manual)
    • SC/PC Interface
    • Calibrated 28-SEP-2022 to 27-SEP-2025
  • AC Adapter/Charger
  • Power Cord
  • Manual/Quick Start Guide
  • Calibration Certificates
  • USB Drive containing documentation for BERT & OPTICS
  • Carrying Case w Strap
  • Stylus Pen

Condition & Remarks:

Good condition, Tested in Lab settings to take reference from Broadband source. All modules tested using Fibre link, source & Broad Band Source to test PMD, AP, CD Profile. Fibre connectors inspected. Batteries are tested to hold charge in the MTS8000.

E81DISPAP & 8126 OTDR Modules Calibrated 15-NOV-2023 to 15-NOV-2024

OBS-550 Calibrated 28-SEP-2022 to 27-SEP-2025

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