FLUXNET FS-700 400x Fibre Optic Inspection Microscope Probe For NBN Unify Services

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The FLUXNET FS-700 Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System sets the standard for accurate and efficient fiber optic connector assessment. Designed for Australian market and NBN Unify services audit requirements in mind, along with various applications including telecommunications and data centres, this advanced system employs high-resolution imaging and automated analysis to detect even the minutest defects or contaminants on connector end faces. Its user-friendly interface, real-time feedback, and detailed reporting streamline operations, while the system’s portability ensures adaptable use in diverse settings. By swiftly identifying and addressing potential issues, the FS-700 system plays a pivotal role in maintaining the reliability and performance of fiber optic networks across industries.

Real-time video recording and expansion of TF card, convenient and fast recording of measurement information. Support data playback to facilitate inspection and data statistics.


Key Features:

  • Rotary metal focus ring, stable and convenient.
  • 4000mAH large capacity lithium power, 20 hours standby.
  • Real time video, support extend t-flash card, quick check the pollution degree of female connector and male connector.
  • 400 times magnification, the stain is clearly visible.
  • 5 inch HD LCD display.
  • 1/3 inch sensor, 300,000 effective pixels.
  • Small size, one-handed, convenient and fast.



  • FLUXNET FS-700 inspection probe
  • Adapters (APC/SC Male & Female)
  • USB Cable (For Charging)
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Soft Carry Case + Plastic Case for adapters





1 YR Warranty

NBN Unify Services Compliant

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1 Year

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