Our Services

Fibre Network Commissioning & Testing

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    We have been providing fibre network commissioning, splicing and testing services since 2017 and have completed projects all over Victoria & Inerstate including,

    • NBN, HFC, FTTN, FTTC, FTTP, UNIFY, BDOD, SD1, SD2, N2P, C2P New Developments, Flip Project
    • Telstra Wideband
    • TPG Firefly
    • Optus maintenance/emergency works
    • Microsoft Data Centre Testing
    • Private Installations & Testing

    Over these projects our capabilities have been second to none, consisting of experienced teams and team leaders to meet project completion dates and delivering an outstanding quality of works.

    Network Construction

    Fibre Optic Testing, Fibre Optic Splicing both externally and internally. Our technicians also perform network cabling, hauling, splicing and testing, telephone cabling and fibre optic installation. Our advanced team of Fibre Technicians go above and beyond to make sure that work is completed correctly the first-time round, making sure that any defects are extremely rare or even non-existent. 

    Fibre Splicing Vans that are fully equipped with all the latest in splicing equipment such as Tri wavelength high dynamic range OTDR’s, Single Fibre Splicers, Ribbon Fibre Splicers, PON Meters, Fibre Characterisation Gear.

    Residential & Commercial Developments

    We are focused on the provision of telecommunications network infrastructure for new estates, subdivisions, commercial, residential unit developments and existing network infrastructure as well as relocation of any plant or assets.

    Fibre Testing, optimization and Troubleshooting

    With using advance testing equipment and trace analysis software’s we can help you test and optimise your fibre network or troubleshoot any faults in your network. Using advance techniques such as FCOMP and loop back reference bi directional insertion loss testing.

    We also provide LFN, DFN NBN Workbook preparation services as well as fixing any defects that your client has raised with the tests.